That Darn Smoker is a series of films and audio productions by Ben Boatwright that details the exploits of a highly sought-after criminal and antihero, That Darn Smoker, and the attempts by his many law-abiding enemies to arrest him for his nicotian habits. The ATATAT Station originally produced two back-to-back episodes entitled That Darn Smocer in 1998; this was followed by the arguably successful That Darn Smoker: The Movie, released by Cassette Movie Studios in 2003. More recently, That Darn Smoker has become synonymous with the grandiose and largely unfulfilled promises made for one or more film versions in various formats. The Schlockading Productions brickfilm That Darn Smoker, which was begun in 2007 and is technically still in production, nearly achieved a cult following during filming despite never being finished or released. Ben Boatwright Productions has hinted at a possible live-action version based on the unfinished brickfilm that would be released in the next few years.

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