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The updated style of the title card as seen in Chapter 1.

Space Voyages: Thaddeus and the Time Warp Trio is a video series that follows the highly successful Galactic Journey as the second book of the Space Voyages canon to be adapted to film. After much anticipation, the first chapter was finally released in April 2017 on the Ben Boatwright Productions YouTube channel.

The first half of the series will see the continued involvement of Thaddeus, as well as the first appearance of Jeeog and The Place. The second half involves the first mention of the Red Borkin, whose mysterious letter instructs them to travel back in time to Texas in the 1860s to repair the Phantasm.

Unlike the first series, Thaddeus and the Time Warp Trio will be condensed into six chapterly installments. Assuming a similar production timeline as the first, this series could be completed by 2021.

Production timelineEdit

The following table includes extremely optimistic estimates for the release dates of chapters in the second series.

Runtime Release Date
Chapter 1 4:34 April 2, 2017
Chapter 2 3:29 June 2, 2017
Chapter 3 2:45 March 31, 2019
Chapter 4 Spring 2020
Chapter 5 Fall 2020
Chapter 6 Spring 2021

Roles Edit

Ben and Annabella Boatwright will reprise their roles as the SILPS trio, and Daniel Ang will return to play the voice of Thaddeus.

Ben Boatwright Edit

  • Frank Softey
  • Jack Mailey
  • Darby Strange Cat (voice)
  • Bob Sandals (Chapter 1)
  • Mr. Garbanzo (Chapter 1)
  • Tony Newman (Chapter 3)

Annabella Boatwright Edit

  • Courtney Morridaughter
  • Althea (Chapter 3)

Daniel Ang Edit

  • Thaddeus P. Cat (voice)

Taylor Faires Edit

  • Kendra Rottweiler (Chapter 1)
  • Christa McAuliffe (Chapter 3)
  • Blarnis bystander

Jim Faires Edit

  • The Place driver

Jay Faires Edit

  • Flight controller (Chapter 2)
  • Gus Grissom (Chapter 3)
  • Pillowcase alien (Chapter 3)
  • Blarnis bystander (Chapter 3)

Sally Faires Edit

  • The Place resident (Chapter 3)

Caroline "Caro" Clodfelter Edit

  • The Place resident (Chapter 3)
  • Pillowcase alien (Chapter 3)
  • Blarnis bystander (Chapter 3)
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