The following is a list of spacecraft that appear in the Space Voyages canon. The list is not exhaustive; these are significant craft that are piloted and/or flown in by the characters on one or more occasions.

List of spacecraftEdit

Name Type First appearance Notes
STS-127B Capsule Galactic Journey Capsule used by the SILPS trio on their first mission to space in Book I. Remained in the Place jet until being returned by the Red Borkin at the end of Book III. Destroyed by impact with the comet Mollygaggeranza in Book IV. Modeled after Mercury capsules.
STS-127 Capsule Identical capsule used by Rochavov and Hwong in Book I. Fate unknown.
BEFO jet Fighter Standard aircraft of the Blarnis Air Force, also capable of flying in space. All black with energy beam that pulls objects up from below and into the plane.
Place jet Spaceplane Spacecraft flown by Thaddeus Cat. Used both as personal transport vehicle and as safe harbor for wayward space travelers. Resides in the Place, from which it takes its name. Modeled after Beriev BE-2500 Neptun.
Phantasm XL-2 B770 Fighter Invincible fighter jet created by the Red Borkin, intended for domination of the galaxy. Used throughout the first four books as weapon of choice by both the SILPS trio and the BEFOs. Modeled after SR-71 Blackbird.
Spartus Spaceplane Return to the Red Borkin Spacecraft flown by Stanley Cat. A smaller, sleeker sibling of the Place jet, used briefly by the SILPS trio after their rescue in Book III.
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