First Books was the highly suspect publishing company discovered by Ben Boatwright when he was seeking to publish the as-then completed Space Voyages canon in 2004. The company immediately came under suspicion when its featured titles were revealed to be such works as Whas-Ka, King Catfish and Annie Droid.

Works published by First Books and subsequent questioning of credibilityEdit

First Books seemed initially like a promising outlet for Space Voyages, touting itself as a publisher specifically of new authors. Looking at the example literature it had produced, however, quickly revealed the company's true nature.

Most infamous by far was Whas-Ka, King Catfish, whose plot outline indicated that the book involved a group of environmentally irresponsible teenagers who disturb a monster catfish lurking at the bottom of a lake, which subsequently emerges and attempts to kill the instigators.

The other notable title was Annie Droid, whose "preview" included an extremely strange and highly inappropriate description of the main character's fascination with the human likeness of a nude female android statue standing before him. The rest of the story apparently involved this man having a child with the selfsame android, whose name we can only assume was Annie.

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