Dolphhomo sapiens is an alien species that appears in Book V in the form of an "upright-standing dolphin creature" that gives Thaddeus directions to the City of Yootute government office at the Yootute elevator terminal. Much like real dolphins, Dolphhomo sapiens speaks in a high-pitched squeak and can be hard to understand for those not familiar with its speech patterns.


Dolphhomo sapiens belongs to the genus Dolphhomo, which it shares with its close relatives Dolphhomo jadatini (the Jadan porpoise) and Dolphhomo galacticus (the interstellar seal or "space cow"). All three of these species share the ability to speak perfect Jadan as well as English, although the space cow rarely does so due to its incredibly lengthy respiration cycle, which allows it to hold its breath for several months while traveling through the vacuum of space.

Dolphhomo is one of numerous genera in the order Cespacea, a large group of whalelike aliens, of which the family Teledelphis has the ability to "swim" along currents provided by a given system's solar wind and thus travel between planets and, in rare instances, into other solar systems completely. Unlike the Teledelphids, the space cow has adapted special mechanisms for holding its breath over long distances; otherwise it is unrelated to the Teledelphids whose ability to swim through space is closer related to the self-induced suspended animation seen in the reptilian order Mirtiformes.

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