Courtney Hottihann
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Courtney applauds Frank's narrow escape from the rocket bus in Chapter 5 of Space Voyages: Galactic Journey.

(occasionally spelled Hottihan, b. April 22, 2007), known as Courtney Morridaughter in the Space Voyages YouTube series, is the sole female member of the SILPS trio, along with her male counterparts Frank Softey and Jack Mailey, and is one of the major protagonists of the series. She is generally characterized as the most level-headed of the group, and also has an acute sense of vision. As the series progresses it is implied that she and Frank may have a romantic attachment; this is most apparent in Book VII when first Courtney becomes a cryogenic prisoner aboard the Jada space station and then Frank is transformed into a cattin, causing considerable emotional distress for the witness in each instance.


Courtney Hottihann's name comes from a friend of the author at the time, Courtney Coologhan (pronounced cool-a-han). The last name was "switched" from an already-existing name just as Frank Softey (from Frank Hardy of the Hardy Boys Mysteries) and Jack Mailey (from Jack Haley, who played the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz), although Courtney's is the only one taken from a real-life acquaintance. Technically a more exact opposite would be "Warmihann," but that certainly doesn't sound as good.

Courtney's last name was changed to the even stranger sounding Morridaughter (again using the "opposite" technique from Morrison) for the Space Voyages YouTube series because the director did not want the actual Courtney Coologhan to realize that her name had been used on the extreme off chance that she ever saw any of the videos (or this wiki for that matter). More recently, a theory has been provided that the name Morridaughter is actually an anglicization of an Icelandic surname, such as "Morrisdottir." As pointed out by acclaimed filmmaker Elena Najjab, this would likely require that Courtney was born to native Icelandic parents, since female surnames are generally not passed down through multiple generations.

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